dynello strap winder for drill

Product news! Strap winder for your cordless drill

Introducing our latest addition to the strap rewinder range - Dynello Accu Winder.

Dynello Accu Winder is a simple yet effective strap winder for your own cordless drill. Made of stainless materials. The strap winder comes with a Ø10mm shaft, which fits in most drills.

The guide pins, which guide the strap, are welded in place for maximum durability.

The rewinder shaft is designed with a cone so that the strap can be easily removed after rewinding. Approximately 13 meters of coiled strap will fit on the tool, as the tape winder is primarily designed for 5-ton strap with the typical length of 9.5 meters of loose strap.

The product will be available from July 2019.


Product name: Dynello Accu Winder

Art. No.: RS0301

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