dynello clip 25mm straps

Product news! Dynello Clip™ for 25mm og 35mm straps

We extend our Dynello Clip™ range to 25- and 35mm straps.

The Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm are constructed from stainless steel and feature the same refined design as the Dynello Clip™ 50mm.

Storing your small straps

The Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm securely holds your coiled straps together to prevent tangled lashings. You get tidy storage and faster use of the straps as they are always ready and organised.

We have chosen to manufacture the Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm in stainless steel for several reasons;

  • The durability is extreme. We want this product to never perish and for you to use it for as long as you live
  • Minimising plastic consumption. We want to reduce our consumption of plastic and the Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm is an obvious place to start.
  • Easy design. You can easily form the clip if you want a firmer grip on the strap and 'open' it up in the same way.

dynello clip 25mm

Innovative 'Fish-Hook' design

We are introducing a new element to our Dynello Clip™ that we simply call what it is: The Fish-Hook Design

We have designed both the Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm with small barbs which, if you wish, can be bent out.

The fish-hooks/barbs are an extra element to achieve a good grip in the strap. As standard these barbs are not bent out.

You can learn more about the fish-hook design and it's function here (coming soon).

Dynello Clip™ 25mm and 35mm are expected to be ready for sale December 2021.


Product name: Dynello Clip™ 35mm 6-Pack

Art. no.: RS0203-6


Product name: Dynello Clip™ 25mm 6-Pack

Art. no.: RS0204-6

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